New York City Walk

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Join us in NYC for our walk on September 13, 2014. You can register here by filling out the form below, or download the pdf registration form and email it back.

Click on the map to see a detailed view of the route in NYC

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Please either fill in the online registration form below, or download and mail back the pdf version.

1st Annual Walk with the PACK in New York City REGISTRATION FORM

If you would like to make a donation of $10 for a Tee-Shirt to wear during the walk click here after submitting your registration.
Rescues are welcome to bring adoptable dogs. If you are bringing an adoptable dog, please indicate below.


People Against Commercial Kennels encourages shelters and rescue groups to feature their adoptable animals at the walk/event. If PACK determines that a group is not adhering to state law, the group may be told to leave the walk. People Against Commercial Kennels Committee reserves the right to relocate or dismiss any participant not in compliance with the conditions listed or meeting the core values of PACK. Listed below are a few rules we ask all participants to adhere to during the walk/event.
Current Vaccinations for Dogs are Required – All dogs must have a current rabies vaccination.
Dogs must be Under Control – Keep in mind that PACK’s walk is being held on the public streets and sidewalks. It is very important to have complete control of all animals in your care. For maximum safety, PACK recommends placing a no-slip collar/leash on every dog to ensure that the dog cannot back out of his/her collar and the handler can control the dog at all times.
No Aggressive Dogs – No vicious or aggressive dogs are permitted at this event. You will be asked and required to remove that animal from the event immediately. Anyone handling an animal that displays aggression toward other animals or people will be told to remove that animal from the event immediately. People Against Commercial Kennels reserves the right to refuse admittance to any animal displaying aggression toward other animals or people. Safety is our number one concern.
Dogs must be Cleaned up After - All fecal matter must be cleaned up. It’s a stinky job must it has to be done.
By signing this form, I understand that participating in People Against Commercial Kennels 1st Annual Walk event on September, 13, 2014 involves risks to me and to my dog(s), and I assume all risks associated with participating in this event. I agree not to participate unless the dog(s)I’m walking and I are physically able, properly conditioned, and my dog has a current rabies vaccination. I will abide by the rules of this event. I understand and agree to permit event officials to authorize emergency treatment for me or for my dog at my cost. I understand and agree that People Against Commercial Kennels & NY State Police Dept. accepts no responsibility for personal injury, or property loss or damage, which I may sustain. I hereby agree and covenant for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and anyone else who may claim on my behalf, not to sue, and I hereby waive, release and discharge People Against Commercial Kennels, its founders, board members, the City and County of New York employees and agents, event officials, volunteers, and any sponsors, suppliers, independent contractors and all other individuals and entities in any way assisting or connected with this event from any and all claims and liability of whatever kind or nature whatsoever arising out of my participation in this event, even though those claims and liabilities may arise as a result of the negligence or carelessness of individuals or entities released by this Waiver and Release. I also understand and agree to permit the sponsors of this event to use, for publicity or promotional purposes, my name and pictures of me and/or my dog(s) without liability or obligation to me.